Dungeoneering: Why Is it Enjoyable?

By Slim50

Hello everyone and welcome to another edition of the Global RuneScape Herald! This time I bring to you an insight in to why Dungeoneering is such an enjoyable skill to many. Since we're having a Community Dungeoneering Skill Week, I thought it'd be appropriate. Now what is this Skill Week I speak of? Well, we here at Global RuneScape have begun hosting weeks where we train one particular skill and compete with each other to see who can get the most experience. Its quite fun!

So in the spirit of Global RuneScape’s current skill week, I thought I’d take the liberty of writing an article pertaining to it. I’m sure many members will be dungeoneering, but there are bound to be others looking for a good read. Dungeoneering has been a long disputed skill. That being said, it has become wildly popular among the RuneScape community as well as here at Global RuneScape. But what makes it so fun? There are plenty of reasons to say why it’s enjoyable to train. It gives players different ways to train all the other 24 skills. It can be likened to that of dungeon running in other games despite having its own Jagex twist to it. Many players liken it to more of a mini-game than a skill. Some like this last point and some don’t.

Dungeoneering is arguably one of the most controversial skills in the game due to its unique way of training it. First of all it is, in a way, a culmination of all the other 24 skills within the game. In order to train Dungeoneering to the fullest, one must use all of his skills. That means it may be necessary to create certain potions or smith your own armour. It gives the player a constantly changing environment in which they have to adapt and produce items for. Now, there are two sides to this. Some people love varying their work and training while others don’t; what can make this skill very enjoyable is also the bane of another player’s existence. But this is merely one glimpse of this elaborate skill. Many mainstream MMORPGs have some sort of dungeon raiding gameplay. World of Warcraft, Guild Wars, and many of that ilk have these things and it’s a major staple of those games. Dungeoneering could be likened to this sort of gameplay, but with a distinctive Jagex twist. It’s set up to not allow players to take armour and weapons in and out of the dungeons and it doesn’t require a single thing outside of skill levels in order to train it. Most other games will require a player to be a capable warrior, and have a great set of armour and weapons. Jagex on the other hand has made it completely playable by any single person, rich or poor, newb or veteran. Along with this, the rewards for Dungeoneering are experience and tokens. So instead of getting that rare item drop in other games, or for that matter when boss fighting in RuneScape, the player receives these tokens that are tradable for items for use outside of the dungeons.

Dungeoneering is, to a large portion of the RuneScape community, likened more to a mini-game than an actual, legitimate skill. And they have a point. Most of Jagex’s mini-games consist of games involving multiple skills, combat, and don’t necessarily require anything. On top of this the tokens that the player receives as a reward for finishing floors at Daemonhiem are very similar to most other mini-games in RuneScape. Castle Wars uses tickets as its currency. Soul Wars uses points for its reward system. The Agility Arena uses tickets as well for its rewards. But this shouldn’t make Dungeoneering less credible, nor should it make it less fun. It’s merely semantics.

Whether the player views this skill as an actual skill or an elaborate mini-game, it is quite enjoyable. It is very unique to RuneScape as well as in regards to other games. The way Jagex has put it together and the way it has been presented adds to its likability alone. They obviously had a great time creating this skill and it’s apparent they spent plenty of time working on it. It can be hard these days to create something unique and fun anymore with so many games doing similar things. Jagex has succeeded in creating another skill that is truly fun to a large portion of the RuneScape community.

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Last update: 29-Oct-2010
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