Sq'irks, and changes

By Gamer H

Ok, now you read this you will probably think "Sq'irks? I want to give them to Osman for thieving xp! And what about those changes?" Well, let me tell you, I have decided to make a change in the release days of the Herald. For a couple of reasons, I have decided to move it to Wednesday. At first, the results of the Herald survey, which is still running, show that you would like to read more about updates to RuneScape, and about other features of the game. That is one of the reasons why I have picked Wednesday. Usually, the updates are launched on Monday, sometimes Tuesday, and from time to time on Wednesday. So with the Herald being released on Wednesday, I usually have time to test new features and read on the forums what others think about it. Also, it is easier for me to find something to write about. Last but not least, I am always home at Wednesdays, so it is no problem to write an article.

Now, let us get to the real article. This weeks' update featured a minigame which gives you thieving xp, and trains your farming up a little bit as well. This minigame requires you to use your brains and skill with your mouse. Except for the requirement to enter some gardens, it has nothing to do with skills. This weeks' article features a review of this new minigame "Sorceress' Garden", and a few of my own comments.

When reading the official topic about this on the forums, I found out many people complain about the fact this minigame is only for low to medium level players. As the requirement is level 65 for the highest level garden, and having a higher thieving level does not give you any noticable advance. The reward for running through the summer garden two times is 3k thieving xp. Which is quite good for medium level thieves, but very few for the higher levels.

But why would all minigames also be good for high levels? We all have access to Pyramid Plunder, the best way to train thieving. And why would we not just play a minigame because it is fun to do? Here are some wise words I found in the official topic at RuneScape forums:

Mini-games are not just for the experience, they are what the name suggests, mini-games inside the main game, something to entertain you when you get bored training skills, adding some exp is a bonus, I would play this game for the herbs alone or the experience alone. I admit I would probably not play it if there was no reward but then again would not be much of a game if you did not get something for winning it. (thanks to Bish Go Die for this statement)

Other complains are the usual ones about bugs: elementals stopping to kick someone out for example. So they sometimes see other players who would normally remain hidden. All we can do about these is hoping JaGex fixes them as soon as possible. I myself find this minigame fun. I like sneaking past all those elementals. Watching their paths. In the spring garden you sometimes have to watch three elementals who can see you while you are running to the next hiding spot. Also, the rewards are ok. You can either keep the juices, which work as a combined thieving and energy potion. Or you can give them to Osman and get thieving xp for them.

And if you do not like thieving xp, you also have access to herbs, which can be quite a good money maker. As this little research of Sven Bohikus shows us: After 25 runs to the herbs in the summer garden with an average time of 1 minute a run, here is the loot: 4 Guam Leaf -- 4x 250gp, 8 Marrentil -- 8x 400gp, 4 Tarromin -- 4x 500gp, 7 Harralander -- 7x 1000gp, 2 Rannar Weed -- 2x 5500gp, 6 Irit -- 6x 1000gp, 4 Avantoe -- 4x 1300gp, 5 Kwuarm -- 5x 4000gp, 5 Lantadyme -- 5x 2800gp, 1 Cadantine -- 1x 2200gp, 5 Dwarf Weed -- 5x 2000gp. A total of 81600gp of herbs if you sold them at the -worst- price you can get. Not so bad for about 25 minutes.

So, we can say this is a good way for low to medium levels to train thieving a little bit, or to make money. I hope the bugs will be fixed soon, so this minigame can gain a well deserved place between the good old ever popular ones like Castle Wars, the Duel Arena, The Barrows. And the newer Pest Control. If anyone has tried this minigame at it's top, when it was busy at the gardens. Try it again. Trust me, it is much more fun when the gardens are emptier. Especially now you can not take cats into the gardens anymore, the minigame is not too hard and quite challenging. A must for every thieve or wannabe RuneScape criminal!

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Last update: 14-Feb-2007
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