By Gamer H

An impression of what you probably think now: OMG, WTF? Is the Herald still/again alive? Yes, it is still/again alive. At least I hope it is, otherwise I wonder how you can possibly read this text. But hey, you're reading it, so by all means keep doing so. In the last few days of my membership, I have started playing RuneScape again, so I am also going to promise (again) never to miss any Herald deadline again.

So far, so good. But what has all this to do with lobsters? That's what I'm doing now, fishing lobbies. My friend is going for 99 cooking, and I help him by fishing lobs he will cook for me. And I help myself of course. As I'm a little poor at this moment, I have about 70k, as I have spend a lot of money on construction. You might call it the spilling of good goldpieces. But I now am the proud owner of a multimilliongoldpiece mansion in Yanille.

To make some more money I have made the ingenious plan of comitting a mass murder under innocent green dragons, to get clue scrolls, dragon bones, hides, and of course other valuable drops. And that is what I need food for, the more the better.

When you read this, the population of green dragons in RuneScape has probably became a lot smaller, so let's hope Jagex isn't going to put green dragons on the list of protected fictional creatures, which would be bad for business...

Something else now, if you ever want to become a player moderator, go on an Amsterdam server in the evening, and start fishing in Catherby. You will be able to make lots of reports for real-world trading and offensive language. Today there was a guy hanging out in world 53, level 87 or something around that. Who was constantly saying useless things about some song on Youtube (advertising), and being offensive to anyone telling him to shut up.

Of course I could conclude he was a great way to look like a good and honest player to Jagex. But if it's his account, how could such a noob get such an high level? Very interesting...

I wrote that yesterday night. I'm sure all activists for the protection of fictional animals in MMORPG's will be totally shocked by the fact that I killed 6 green dragons this morning. And a giant mole. Bad luck for the poor, innocent creatures, good for my wallet...

It is amazing what school does with you; you go there in the morning; leave in the afternoon; you follow boring lessons; teachers have a big impact on you; and after all you might even learn something. It is also very interesting what final exams do with you. Some people are so stressed they need professional help afterwards. I found my exam in the Dutch language today very inspiring. Except that it went quite well, I also decided to add these two little paragraphs to the article I wrote yesterday night. Why? No clue.

Last update: 16-May-2007
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