Life Strategies: RuneScape

By Esker

RuneScape is a game constantly growing in size and popularity. Some people like to be able to play with other people, while others prefer to stay in less populated areas to enjoy their own company. How do you play? And why do you think playing with less or more players can be an advantage on your part?

Some people are forlorn in their adventures in RuneScape, while others prefer to associate with others, which comes down to you being a sociable person or not. Don’t get me wrong; being sociable isn’t necessarily a good thing. People who like crowds have been proven to be scammed, unable to train as fast as a non-sociable person, and unable to finish certain goals. But, they are also proem to making more friends and overall enjoy their game time. These things can make or break your RuneScape experience.

While on the other hand less sociable players have a tendency to train faster, make more money, and be more knowledgeable players. BUT, don’t fully appreciate the meaning of an online game.

This brings us to the logic of RuneScape! What is the purpose of RuneScape I ask you, to be the best, to be famous? Nope, it's to have fun, which brings us to the conclusion that “Fun > Work”. But there’s something I haven’t mentioned in this formula. What does it take to have fun? Unfortunately the answer is somewhat cruel and against usual morals, the answer is money.

Is it possible to have fun while lacking money? Depends, what do you consider fun? Enjoying the company of others, or being able to slash through obstacles that were previously thought impossible?

It all comes down to you. This reminds me of a question I was given in a worksheet, “Do you let yourself drift into a hell? Or do you steer your life into “Heaven”.” My answer came to my mind shortly after reading it. “I don’t believe you can let your life drift, I believe everyone drives their life, but others are better drivers and some just can’t drive. Some people drive on Mahogany Street or Brooklyn drive, but ultimately it’s a self created heaven.”

The rest of this article will be based on other matters besides RuneScape. So, what’s the name of the street you drive along in? Do you let others make loud unpleasant noises in the back of your car? Or do you drive on a road blindfolded into a town you edged into your mind as a future to success?

Life can be nothing more than a game, are you going to roll yourself into a jail cell or buy that Avenue of Dreams. Sometimes, you might roll the dice and end up in jail, or lose something dear to yourself. But that’s why you wait your turn to recover and continue with the game hoping for the best. But remember, life is a game you can only play once and it’s a game that always ends. Whether you win or lose you played through the game and hoped for the best. And also realize it’s rude to punch a player and make him/her roll into jail, and it’s also unnecessary to cheat and shake the table below to continue a roll.

But in the end it was an outcome to your actions and to how much you wanted to win, even if you were being punched along the way.

Last update: 10-Sep-2007
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