The History of Global-RuneScape

By Tim

Greetings from Bite me, the Head Editor. We are pleased to announce the publication of the very first article written by the new Herald Team, hand picked by the staff members to bring you four quality articles every month. We hope you enjoy them! For our first article, we thought it would be good to cover the history of Global Runescape, so here we go!

“Global-Runescape- The Difference. The Quality.” Global-RuneScape, normally abbreviated to GRS, was founded in March 2005 by Aliensvortex, who is still an active administrator and owner of the site. At first, it was a small community with just a basic site navigation and an Invisionfree board, which can still be found here. If you noticed that it's different from what GRS is now, I'd have to say that you're right. We shed off our Invisionfree boards on the 26th of July, four months after the site was created, and got our new phpBB boards. So, with friends as admins in arms, it went on from there; fancy advanced calculators with stat signatures, (though the signatures were removed due to bugs) a chat room and even an attempt to have our own newspaper ;)

The biggest recent update would be the Item DataBase that Alienvortex and the other staff released on GRS's 2nd birthday (20-Mar-2007) as a surprise for the community. The database had been a project worked on behind the scenes by several community members for several months before its release. When first released to the public, the database contained about 400 items. Although GRS didn't manage to release an items database before other sites did, the database was seen as a success, like was originally planned. To this day the database is still growing, and we recently passed the 1000 item landmark.

Herald or Newspaper?
Now, the Herald for us have been a major project ever since Arne-Christian, who was an admin at that time, started to recruit writers for the coming Global-RuneScape Newspaper. The subject has gone on a lot of bumpy rides since then, being made and remade a few times, with the writers resulting in failing to satisfy the audience and leaving. Today, we blow the horn announcing the arrival of the brand new Global Runescape Herald! We promise that a new generation in RuneScape editorials whereby quality articles will be delivered weekly by the Herald Editing Team.

While all this was happening, a clan with the name "The Official Global-RuneScape Clan" was founded, led by Brian1775. It was fun while it lasted, with events, trips and all sorts of things, but it is a generally agreed fact that all good things come to an end, and that was the case with TOGRC. It was obvious something would happen eventually the way the official clan was heading. Due to poor leadership and a lack of participation, TOGRC was no longer a functioning clan. After a prolonged, agonizing death, The Official Global-RuneScape Clan was finally laid to rest on March 3rd, 2007 - bluntly put, TOGRC folded.

Global Runescape started small and has grown into a nice community. The growth rate at GRS has been exponential as of late, making one of the fastest growing runescape help sites of its time. The forums are becoming more busy every day, with more and more new members registering constantly. As well, the main help site is getting more and more traffic every week.

Global Runescape is recognized not just as a great fan site but a community with a difference based in quality. We have been known for our kindness and openess to everyone no matter what age, gender, race or country they are from.

Last update: 09-Dec-2007
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