Hunter Skill: Review

By Gamer H

Today, finally, the hunter skill is released. So here is the review for this skill. I have not played it much yet, at the moment I write this my hunter level is just 5. But I think I can already say it is slightly disappointing. In this article, I will try to explain why. So... Take a fur out of the wardrobe, get some good hunters' beer, light a fire, and make yourself some fresh hunted meat. Here is... The Review of the Hunter Skill!

Now, what did we expect from this new skill, let us see, I wrote a preview a couple of weeks ago...The few places where the really choice, monsters are located always have people crawling all over them. A quote from a topic on the Jagex forums... Thank Saradomin Jagex made this the right way, training is quite easy, especially if you just set up a trap, and then go tracking. The training is so easy because it does not take a lot of time, but the monsters give lots of experience. Although it is not really fun to hunt at the crowded places I found so far, it is not realistic that monsters run around with such big crowds on the spot, but the training works.

Now our concern about the training is gone, it might be a good idea to have a look at the monsters themselves. Except that the monsters do not exists themselves, I found them pretty realistic. Just like the items they drop, meat, fur and bones. Bones are good for burying, meat for cooking and eating, fur for making armor. But the drops are not really worth much money.

And there we find another problem, what is the use of this skill? With rewards like this, I fear that it will end up like farming: no real use, just for people who want a unique skillcape. The fur trader in Varrock did not seem willing to buy the furs I got through hunting, and the fur traders in Ardougne in Relekka are not offering any high price for them, so it is not really a useful skill in the low levels. But when you get higher, there is a use. The best thing is definitely the imp in a box. He can take two items for you to the bank, and that is great for pking I would say. Except that, the butterflies can also be useful, as they can boost another players' stats. You can also make new clothing which improves your hunting abilities, but again, this only affects your hunter skill!

Overall, I would say hunting is a pretty good skill, but a little bit small. The skill introduces several new exciting and unique ways to train, and various methods of hunting, such as tracking, can be very funny when you get the hang on it. With the new skill, there were introduced two capes that reduces your weight, and a pair of Gloves of Silence improving your thieving. Apart from these items, and the butterflies, there are almost no other items that affects your other stats. It would be good if Jagex introduced some more special rewards, and made you able to make more items with the items you get while you're hunting. And that brings us to the end of this special edition of the Global RuneScape Herald. I hope you enjoyed it, but now I really should stop writing, it looks like I just caught a bird and... OI! That kebbit got away!

Last update: 22-Nov-2006
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