The Next New Skill For Runescape?

By Anna Molly

With the recent release of summoning, we all know a new skill won’t be coming to Runescape for several months. However, it’s never too early to start wondering, and start speculating at what that new skill might be. Jagex has had success with all the new skills they introduced to the game, to varying levels. Since RS2, a total of five new skills have entered the game. First off, the slayer skill was released. It was a big hit among combat types, but many peaceful skillers (such as myself) were content sticking with their fishing rods and pickaxes. Secondly, farming hit the scene. For this release, Jagex made a point of not including any repetitive clicking on the same objects over and over, which had previously been a major complaint for skills like firemaking and crafting. This was good, but many people asserted that it took too long to raise the experience level. Next was Construction. Overall, this new skill was enjoyed by many, but it simply was a money sink. Many players still cannot afford to raise their construction level to where they would like it. Hunter followed construction. After the money drain of construction, it was nice to be able to make money off of a new skill. Overall, the hunter skill was enjoyed the majority of Runescapers. Most recently, the summoning skill has surfaced. It still remains to be seen what kind of impact this skill will have on the game, but one thing is for sure; combat in Runescape will never be quite the same.

The question to be addressed is what kind of new skill could be next? There are many possibilities, and so far, Jagex has proved to be very creative in developing new skills. All we can really do is speculate, which is exactly what this article will do!

For ages, mages have wanted a skill in which they can make their own outfits. Rangers and hand to hand combatants both posses the means to create their own armour and clothing. However, mages can only buy their clothes or gain them from mini games. It only seems sensible to let mages tailor their own robes. This could lead to other possibilities, like sewing various items and a more complex dying system. Nevertheless, this sounds a lot like the existing crafting skill, and it is more likely that this dimension would be added to the crafting skill in stead of creating a whole new skill.

Another possible skill could be banking. Now, I know this doesn’t seem like a fun skill, but imagine this; a player could open a financial institution, and make deals with different NPC’s around the map to get a franchise going. Dealing with shipments of countless items, sea, air and land routes… This idea kind of gets me going! Additionally, other players could invest money in your institution to get guaranteed (by Jagex, of course) interest on their gold pieces. The options for a banking skill are truly unlimited.

A widely discussed future skill is music. The concept is really quite simple. A player looking to raise his music level would have to train with different music masters and complete missions to gain levels. Low level musicians would be able to play basic instruments, while high level musicians would play advanced tunes and even team up with other players. Of course, the music would have to serve a purpose, right? Well, a high level musician could sing a certain guard to sleep in order to gain access to a special area, or dungeon. One could also use music to lure or bribe NPCs. The future of a music skill is bright!

As I mentioned before, there probably will not be a new skill in the near future, but its never too soon to start discussing. Feel free to respond to this forum thread and let us know your ideas for a new skill!

Last update: 10-Feb-2008
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