God Wars, an Old Player Takes a New Look

By Mangleman

This weekend I finally had a few hours set aside for uninterruped game play. I had a chance to try one of the highest level activities in Runescape. The God Wars Dungeon. I am not usually the type who takes risk with areas like this, but since I had a good team, and I am trying to do some of the more in-depth things in Runescape I decided to give it a go.

First off I can tell you that my play style is such that I can usually log out and in every ten minutes or so. Meaning I have never done Kalphite Queen, King Black Dragon, Chaos Elemental, or the Dagannoth kings. I tend to stick to things I can do by myself, or safe mini-games. It is very frustrating when your party member has to leave suddenly, so I choose to ignore those activities because I can not usually be reliable. Because of my play style, even though I have played Runescape off and on for almost 8 years some people might say I have barely scratched the surface.

Thanks to those brave players who fought in God Wars before me, it was easy to find out the optimum gear and strategy for these fights. We were originally going after Bandos, but after checking many servers, there were just too many people fighting him. We decided to go after Zamorak. After gaining the kill counts we needed, we all met up and prepared for the fight. This not really meant to be a guide to fighting "Zammy", merely a re-telling of a reasonably well-informed trip. We turned on the new loot-share/coin-share feature, drank our potions and prepared our special attacks. I have to admit, at this point my pulse quickened. This was not the same safe and simple Runescape I am used to. This was just about to get intense and interesting.

One at a time we poured in, our "tank" attacked the gigantic level 604 "general" of the Zamorak army. We all turned on protection prayers and began our assault. There was not much conversation because we were all in the grips of a fight. For the first round I didn't even use any potions. I did some decent damage and played according to the instructions from my friends and my research. After a few rounds it was my turn to tank. This is of course a bit more tricky as you have to watch your health and drink Saradomin Brews and/or food. I cut it close once at 18 hit points, but eventually I got the hang of it. One of our members died, so we blessed his grave and went on fighting this fight. From there our resources were stretched a bit thin and we could only do 2 more rounds. I teleported out safely and so did one other group member. It was unfortunate that some of our members lost some gear, but that is what happens in a risky activity.

We did not get any good drops, and we all basically lost money. Even though there were no "rewards" I have to say that running one of the hardest dungeons in all of Runescape was very fun, and I would love to do it again some time. Even though I have known for a long time that I was only scratching the surface of the content available to players my level, it was still surprising to me how fun it was to take big risks, even if there were not big rewards.

Last update: 17-Mar-2008
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