Why RuneScape?

By Renegade

So, WHY RuneScape? The simple Java based online game that even at the mention of the name brings on the taunts of other gamers. This has gotten so bad, people are even ashamed to play. “RuneScape huh? That game was cool when I was 10, but now it just sucks!” How rude indeed. RuneScape is considered by most people the underdog of the MMORPG world. The “noobiest” of the noob, the “kiddies” playground, a step below “nerd”. Orly? I strongly disagree.

RuneScape rivals some of the largest, and most graphically advanced games out there. And so why would somebody like us settle down on a wimpy old game that can even barely be considered “3D”? Simple. Simplicity! Although RuneScape may not be equipped with an arsenal of graphics, it rules the online world with simplicity. Communication is also a major plus in this brew of success. This game practically begs us to talk to other people. Notice the clear as day bright yellow words above our head. Versus the slim, gray words of most other online games. The game’s interface also provides easy access to what you need. No doing the crazy crossed armed seizure-like movements you need for anything else. Lay back, put your feet up, and enjoy! But you know what annoys me the MOST? It has to be the terrible grinding of other RPGs. Now, don’t get me wrong, but being a well-rounded player usually asks of endless hours of tedious training. But, when compared to other online games, RuneScape does not make leveling a necessity. This game is still intended to be enjoyable at any part of this game. A clear objective shown as RuneScape’s level requirements for some of the most sought after items. In most games, it’s either level or be trampled upon. The only thing fun in those games are when you hit level 100 after a few years then waste away on the not-so-exciting high level person you thought you would be.

After interviewing a number of people to why they played RuneScape many replied with “It was simple, and it was my 1st online game”. What strikes out at me is 1st online game. Now, how many of us here played RuneScape as our 1st MMORPG? I did. And to be honest, if I found it after playing the more popular category of games, I’d be hard-pressed to convert to RuneScape. Imagine playing WoW with all of it’s expensive glory, then deciding to give RuneScape a try. You shortly log in and after completing Tutorial Island you find yourself stranded in the middle of nowhere with random people spamming beg chat. While you stand there with a bronze sword. Not a glamorous start is it? Now, take away all your Online gaming experience then try RuneScape! “Wow, look at all the people! This is so cool!”, this initially, was my own reaction a few years past. I was at awe at the game. And happily killed goblins for days for that mithril scimitar all alone in the desert. Good times.. This is how most of our RuneScape population came to existence. As Mike said, RuneScape has an addictive property similar to nicotine. That is defiantly true. I’ve eased away from RuneScape myself the past few months but I’ll be killed before I quit RuneScape. Once you’ve really start to play it, you simply can’t quit. And when you do, that addiction will stay with you your whole life. You know you miss it somehow!

So, how long will RuneScape’s glory last? We are quickly leaving the simple gaming world and heading over to our Xboxs and PS3s not thinking twice of anything a computer has to offer. Will RuneScape last? How would anyone possibly even try RuneScape in the upcoming years if it’s still has it’s place as a web-based Java game?! The odds sound slim. But it’s RuneScape’s 9th year of running. And if anything, it’s been rising the charts, as one of the most magnificent, spectacular, and user friendly MMORPGs offered.

Stay tuned folks, RuneScape’s time is far from ending!

Last update: 07-Apr-2008
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