An interview with Hitman, our new moderator

By zarzarx1

This article is an interview with global-rs's new mod Hitman. With the departure of [M]ike, Hitman was chosen to be a mod to help with the site. With this interview we will talk about his new modship and how his runescape life is going. Hope you enjoy!

Zarzar: Were you suprised with the modship?

Hitman: Yes, I had no idea it was coming. I wasn't trying to become one, but when the staff approached me with the offer, I gladly accepted.

Zarzar: Is there anything you are working on for the site?

Hitman: Me personally? Not at the moment.

Zarzar: Do you enjoy being here helping others?

Hitman: Yes, I have always liked helping people. Whenever and wherever I can. In RS before the unbalanced trade came along, I gave away at least 20m worth of cash and items to friends and even total strangers. I really miss being able to do that.

Zarzar: What do you think your future is here at this site?

Hitman: Hard question to answer, guess I'll just say that I plan to be here a long time, keeping the forums free of spammers and flamers as well as inappropriate posts, greeting new members and encouraging existing ones to achieve they're goals. I'm content just doing that.

Zarzar: What was your first locked topic?

Hitman: Nightmare's seed sale (not sure if that was the exact name) somebody bumped it after almost a year of inactivity.

Zarzar: What is your current and future goals in Runescape?

Hitman: 99 defence and 100m+ in cash are my current goals. As far as future ones, I'm toying with the idea of 99 fishing (for the money it would bring), or 94 mage for ice barrage. I would also like a guilded alter, but construction is sooo boring.

Zarzar: What is your favorite skill in Runescape?

Hitman: May sound silly but I'm going to say crafting. I'm not sure why, but I like that skill even though I don't have a high level because I'm getting all my melee skills to 99 before I work on it.

Zarzar: Where do you train regularly?

Hitman: As anyone who's read my G&A knows, Jungle Spiders and Pest Control 99% of the time. I will do cockroach soldiers in Stronghold of Safety or dragons occasionally.

Zarzar: When was your first kill?

Hitman: If I remember correctly, when I got off of Tutorial Island, it was a level 2 rat behind Lumbridge castle. Lol.

Zarzar: What is your least favorite skill?

Hitman: I have 2 least favorites, agility and farming. Can't stand either one of those

Zarzar: Thank-you Hitman for interviewing with me and good luck on all of you goals!

Hitman: Your welcome, and thanks.

So I would like to thank Hitman again for letting me interviewing him. Now you all know Hitman's darkest secrets. So from his new modage to his runescape life we have covered it all. Thank you for reading this and wait till the next article for more info of our fellow players.

Last update: 20-Oct-2008
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