Happy birthday TOGRC!

By [M]ikeInterview with Sk84ever159

Last week, the 25th of Novemeber, was in fact The Offical Global-RuneScape Clan's (TOGRC) birthday, so we decided that this week's article should be based on this notable event. To tell us more about TOGRC and its history, we have interviewed one of the clan's High Council members, Sk84ever159!

[M]ike: Hey Sk8.

Sk84ever159: Hi Mike.

[M]ike: So, how long have you been in the clan?

Sk84ever159: Uhh... Since July 21st so.. I think about 5 months.

[M]ike: Alright, that's quite a long time really, in comparison to the 12 months the clan has been going for.
What major changes have you seen take place in the clan since you've been there?

Sk84ever159: Everything is just about going the same, no new rules or anything.

[M]ike: Alright, I guess the clan has just been keeping at a good steady pace, most likely a good way to go for now.
What have you been doing in the clan?

Sk84ever159: I've helped out some people and I think I'm gonna win the Application Reviewer position, and just recently i persuaded 4 friends to join.

[M]ike: Okay, so I see your quite active, you must be due to the fact your High Council, that must be pretty cool.
How did you find the clan? Through the main helpsite or through another source?

Sk84ever159: I found it through RuneHQ clan. I planend to join The Offical RuneHQ Clan (TORC) but they seemed to always ignore my application So, using logic, TOGRC was only one letter different ;)

[M]ike: Heh, I like your way of thinking, lol, did the clan take part in any event to celebrate it's first birthday?

Sk84ever159: I thought it was going to but it didn't, lol. Just some member awards that I didn't win lol

[M]ike: Argh, that's a shame, but I think you can happily say that the clan is still moving on and is always recruiting new members, right?

Sk84ever159: Yuppers. :)

[M]ike: Awesome, so what would you say to anybody wanting to join the clan?

Sk84ever159: Uhh...just have some fun and try to make it to events, they are always great fun and a good way to get to know each other.

[M]ike: Alright, thanks for that, lastly, if you could, what would you change or add to the clan?

Sk84ever159: I would have some more event managers we only have 2 right now.

[M]ike: Alright, I'm sure that could be arranged, let's hope to hear of more great things from the clan, thanks for your time sk8!

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Last update: 03-Dec-2006
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