The history of TOGRC

By Gamer H

Hello again, when you are reading this, it is a sunday. At the very moment I am writing this, it is sunday too, but one week earlier. I have just finished editing my interview with Brian. While you are looking at a nice webpage coded by Aliensvortex. I now see a wordpad document full of HTML, a big mess. Directly under this text, I see the interview with Brian. But do not worry, you will not see that, as the history of TOGRC will be written between it later this week.

You all probably know what this article is about now. It is a piece of history about TOGRC, our official clan. This week I will offer you an interview with Brian1775, and of course the history of TOGRC until now. I wanted to interview more people, but I didn't manage to so the article is shorter than I wanted it to be. Happy reading!

The history of TOGRC
As some of us might even know, todays TOGRC is built on the remains of Guardians Of Guthix (GOG). I do not know much about this piece of ancient clan culture, but it looks like it once was a powerful clan with a lot of active members. In November 2005, Brian1775, leader of GOG had a little chat with the staff of Global RuneScape. I have no idea what they talked about exactly, but the result was that Guardians of Guthix turned into The Official Global RuneScape Clan.

The clan turned into TOGRC at the 25th of November 2005. It was quite a big success, except that not all members of GOG liked it. The reader might like to know that I joined as a normal member at the 29th of November 2005. Everything was running quite smoothly until January 2006. At that time, TOGRC merged with BKOD, but a couple of days later, BKOD cancelled the merge again.

Until August 2006 the clan was running quite normal, except that we have had quite a lot of people occupying the spot of second leader during that time: Dave, Thegreateddy, Jmsmityguy, Gamer H and then Dave again. Except the huge number of staff changes, nothing special was going on.

From August until December 2006, the clan was running perfectly, few staff changes, and quite loyal members. In December 2006, the clan restarted. The forums were upgraded to IPB 2.2, and completely reset. Lil McGinley agreed on returning to the clan and getting the rank of Leader. Also there were a lot of changes in the staff, and now the clan is running very well.

Interview with Brian1775, leader of TOGRC
Please note this interview was taken on the 20th November, so some parts might be outdated. I have tried to get the interview as up to date as I can, but there might be some mistakes left, I apologize for that. ~Gamer H

Herald: How did the clan actually start out?

Brian1775: I joined Guardians of Guthix (GoG) in September, the other leader left october 5th, I restarted it same day, then I left for Emerald Dragons (ED) around october 20th. I quickly became most active and a mod. ED merged with Nemesis Warriors (NW), and I lost mod there, because I was 12 I got mad, so I left, as everyone made fun of me, I then restarted GOG on november 5th, some how it died Then restarted again on november 18th, got over 30 members in 7 days, and on november 24th I registered on Global RuneScape. I contacted Aliensvortex and Arne-Christian, who were the admins of GRS at the time, about becoming the official clan. They agreed and we changed name to The Official Global Runescape Clan.

Herald: Ok, but why did you want GoG to become TOGRC?

Brian1775: Well, I saw GRS, and I saw they already have an official clan, but when I relized they didn't, I asked. Really it was the banner, I couldn't take my eyes of it. I found GRS on november 13th of 05, really, and I just looked at the banner, I registered on the forums on november 24th tho.

Herald: But why did you want to become the official clan of a helpsite?

Brian1775: Because I thought it would help out GOG, therefore I wanted to, it did help out out in the long run also. And I liked GRS, also realized that clans can recruit on other fansites right? So an official clan can recruit for the fansite.

Herald: Did you change now you had the responsibility of leading the official clan of a fansite? That must be quite hard as people probably expect a lot from it.

Brian1775: Yes I did, if you look at my first posts on GRS I had horrible grammar, it got somewhat better, I had horrible spelling, that got a little better too, I have responsibility now.

Herald: Now what do you enjoy most in leading a clan?

Brian1775: Helping people, having fun, and most of all, the members, they are so awesome, and it's cool to meet other people.

Herald: What do you think, is the best change the clan has made over this first year?

Brian1775: This is a hard one, there were many, if I have to pick one, it has to be the maturity, most of the members who joined once we started with an exception of a few, were mostly immature. They cried about not getting staff, or something like that, over time people improved, and now the members who join are more mature.

Herald: And, a classic one, what is the worst thing that happened to the clan so far?

Brian1775: Well probably either losing Lil McGinley, Thegreateddy as clan members. I would have to go with losing Lil McGinley, of course that is another mistake on my part. He was trying to help us, and I didn't let him. I wish I did, as now I look back and see he had great ideas and plans for the clan. *

Herald: Ok, now how did you ever manage to pull the clan trough all the bad times we have had?

Brian1775: With support from the members, staff, and a few others.

Herald: Ok, now that is it, except one more question, on which day is TOGRC actually founded?

Brian1775: I look at it as the day after Thanksgiving, as that was the day the forums started, that was the day I talked to Alien and Arne, November 25th 2005.

Herald: Ok, Brian thank you very much for this interview.

Brian1775: Thank you for interviewing me.

*Lil McGinley has returned to the clan in the rank of leader when TOGRC restarted.
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